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2009-01-31, 07:00 AM
Completed my 6th trade with Mika - no problem at all, as usual.
He's one of the best traders around, very reliable, ships fast and always top quality bootlegs. Highly recommended.:thumbsup

2009-02-02, 06:48 PM
thanks alina

2009-02-09, 02:13 AM
Thank you very much Mika.

DVDs arrived just now.

A Really nice guy, I do have to say.

I will be putting your DVDs in the Post tomorrow.:thumbsup:wave:

Digital Dragon
2009-02-09, 03:39 AM
Yes i agree that Mika is a quality trader.
Always great to see another big Aerosmith fan here !!
Just completed 2 smooth trades and looking forward to many more in 09 :thumbsup

2009-02-09, 04:32 PM
thanks guy,s that was nice of you

2009-02-10, 07:03 PM
Just completed a 20+ dvd trade with Queen86 and it couldn't have gone smoother:clap: Thanks again, here's looking forward to our next trade:thumbsup

2009-02-10, 07:11 PM
thanks jebiah

2009-02-10, 07:56 PM
I traded several times with Mika and I never been disappointed.

He is one of the best!

2009-02-11, 11:51 AM
thanks pascal charli is a great trader to he is one of my best traders

2009-02-24, 05:43 PM
Did just my first trade with him

Very fast and reliable . Highly recommended !
thanks for fast trade :lol::clap:

2009-03-12, 11:28 PM
I have had two successful trades with Mika.

He is very patient & Understanding among

many other good things. :cool::D:);)

Thanks again Bro Take Care. :wave::thumbsup

2009-04-04, 12:16 AM
Have received my third successful package from,

A really nice guy Called Mika in Canada.

Impressive DVD list too, well done Sir. :thumbsup

Hope you will get my package soon.:thumbsup


2009-05-06, 12:54 AM
I did my first trade with Mika....Wow...He is so fast it was the best trade ever!!! Highly recommended.

2009-05-14, 10:28 PM
Hi Mika :kat:

2009-05-17, 01:11 PM
thanks to all of you:thumbsup

2009-05-18, 08:12 AM
Hey Mika
do you trade Queen ?

2009-05-19, 03:42 PM
Just had my second successful trade with Mika ..... He is awesome, awesome, awesome, and FAST, and he keeps in touch all the time!!!

Did I mention he is awesome????

Thanks Lisa from Canada

Digital Dragon
2009-08-27, 11:15 AM
Yet another great quality trade with my Canadian friend Mika !! :clap:
Great communication, fantastic DVDs, really nice guy - just a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended !!
Special thanks for the Aerosmith 2009 show :thumbsup
North American tour is cancelled but at least we get to see the show! :rock:

2009-08-27, 12:58 PM
thanks dave he is nice guy

2010-01-21, 12:03 PM
Another awesome trade with Mika!!! Highly recommend, great trader, fast fast fast!!!

2010-01-23, 09:52 PM
thanks lisa

2010-02-28, 12:05 PM
Just did a very large trade with Queen86. Great dvds and communication. Can't wait for another. :thumbsup

2010-03-06, 08:17 PM

2010-03-20, 01:47 PM
Did another trade and was just as good as the last. :clap:

2010-03-20, 03:15 PM
thanks geoff

2010-03-29, 08:17 PM
My 4th trade with Mika... Stellar trader as always!!! Thanks Mika, your vids are awesome! :thumbsup

2010-03-31, 08:39 PM

2010-04-24, 11:51 AM
Did another trade with Mika, my third or so. Great trader, I must say. Would love to do another anytime. :)

Digital Dragon
2010-10-04, 01:20 AM
Yet another awesome trade with my Canadian friend Mika :)
Great shows and fast delivery - top of the line always :rock:

Thanks for everything - lets rock again sometime! :cheers:

2011-01-03, 02:22 PM
first trade with Mika
nice list, good communication, excellent trade
highly recommended :clap:

2011-10-21, 04:56 PM
Great trader and all round good guy, hassle free and always stays in touch throughout trade. Thanks Mika

2011-10-25, 02:21 PM
Had another great trade with my good pal Mika. Always an excellent trader with a fantastic list. Always love trading with him. :thumbsup

2012-04-04, 01:10 AM
I did my first trade with queen86.Awesome list with quality stuff.Very good communication and friendly.Thanks very much.

2012-07-13, 07:42 PM
Not sure if this is his username, but he is a great trader, even
when I had nothing of interest to him to trade he gave me a
b&p, good communication and dvds. Thanks again for the time
and effort in getting them to me.

2012-07-14, 06:45 PM
thanks garth yes i am queen86

2012-08-01, 05:10 AM
just did my second trade with Mika two weeks ago.I recieved the discs fast.They were in great condition.Not to mention Mika is a good trader who responds and sends emails.

2012-08-28, 11:44 AM
Mika is a great trader just did a big trade with him and hope to do more.

2012-10-04, 11:31 AM
did my first trade with mika:lol:

ex trader

2012-10-04, 01:33 PM
Always great to see another big Aerosmith fan here !!

curious: have the 2 Alaska audio shows by Aero circulated in complete form?

way back when I did a cd set of the 1st night with the songs played from the 2nd nite edited in at their approx place in the 2nd nite set ("Angel" and "Monkey On My Back", if they're on a circulating copy, are from the 29th vs. the 27th), but I never did do the complete 29th (April, 1998) show to cd until a couple years ago.

I call it the "Steven's knee goes POP" show, as you well know a good chunk of the summer '98 tour was postponed/cancelled due to what happened in Anchorage...he sang the entire encore sitting down, but no one knew why at the time.

got a great story about later that night as well.

I mailed them to a guy named Clive in England who never did send me anything in return, as promised (I just asked for a few of the Japanese shows with cool setlists in return), but other than him, I don't think anyone has 'em...

2013-10-10, 09:29 AM
Just done 1st trade with Mika who is an excellent trader with a fantastic collection and a great guy, a pleasure to trade with, will be trading again in the very near future, highly recommended trader

2014-09-29, 04:32 PM
It's my first trade with Queen86. I wanted to say that's not a good Trade is a very very very GREAT TRADE. I will send the 17 DVDs for Private Torrent and mine have come to me by mail within 5 days crossing the entire Atlantic.
friendly, answered all emails and also offered to send me before the DVD by mail. That's called honesty and seriousness.
Mika Thanks for everything and here in Spain you have a trade and a friend

2015-01-27, 03:21 PM
Second Trade 20 DVDs and perfect. Thanks Mika.

2015-09-15, 06:45 AM
Another new trade of 20 DVDs. As always everything perfect and fast.
One of the best and serious trades.