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2009-01-29, 06:52 PM
a driver detective program? I downloaded one tonight and it's showing that out of 62 drivers.....29 are out of date. It costs $29.95 and then 9.95 for an additional year subscription. The out of date drivers are my NVIDIA ones (audio and video) which I noticed aren't functioning well. Waddya think.......go for it? What are you guys doing to keep your drivers up to date anyways?

Cornelious Jerome Garcia Oppenheimer
2009-01-29, 07:07 PM
I would just go to the Nvidia website and look and see what the current drivers are and if they fix whatever isn't functioning well.

I only update drivers if there is some problem I am having or if there is some big advantage to doing so. And I always get them from the company's website.

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2009-01-29, 07:18 PM
Well hello there Billiam :wave:

Great idea.....the first time I went there they wanted my registration key and I laughed and "X'd" out of there. So after you mentioned it..I tried again and they just offered a scan and told me I was verified and continued to look for my updates Weeeeeeeeeeee hope it works.

2009-01-30, 12:14 PM
I agree with Bill!

2009-01-30, 02:39 PM
no. don't fool around with the drivers unless something is wrong. If something is wrong, get them from the manufacturer's website.