View Full Version : Great Trader: Hellcat

2009-01-29, 07:01 AM
Just finished a trade with her . Very fast and reliable . Highly recommended .

2009-01-31, 06:02 AM
Thanks mate, I'm looking forward to receiving your discs soon.

2009-02-02, 05:57 PM
alina is a ex trader she as ex list of scorpions and she will trader scorpions dvd with you not like other scorpions traders that i have had hard time tradeing with highly recommended her long as you have ex stuff she will trade thanks alina keeping on geting that scorpions dvds

thanks mika

2009-02-12, 06:12 PM
Did just my first trade with Hellcat from Russia !!:D

Highly recommended ! nice shows
thanks for nice shows and good trade :-)
l sure able to trade again with you :clap:

2009-02-16, 11:02 AM
Thank you guys (:

2009-03-16, 06:44 PM
if you get the chance to with hellcat jump, great trader

2009-05-09, 01:14 AM
This was my first trade with Hellcat, she's one of the best traders around, Scorpions expert, great communication, very fast and she have great and rare shows too!!!

Thanks again and see you in the next trade :wave: