View Full Version : Need CD cover maker for Vista

2009-01-27, 02:09 AM
What I'm looking for is a blank/simple template for making my CDR tracklists.

Just black&white TEXT on the SPINE and the back.


I had a template I used forever in XP, after my computer died, I lost everything....every CDR label maker I can find on the internet is full of crap I don't need, and hard to use.

2009-01-27, 06:41 PM
To clarify, I had a CDR back-cover+spine template in Microsoft Word.

It was just vertical spine text and back cover text.

My computer died, and now I can't find a simple free template on the internet.
I tried opening old files on my new computer, but they were XP files. My new setup is Vista. I'm starting to hate Vista.

Any help is appreciated.

2009-01-27, 09:26 PM
What program are you using in Vista? Try right click, properties > compatibility. Then select XP from the drop down box. This makes the program function as if it is XP. Open the file. Help?

2009-01-27, 10:53 PM
Thank you, but still Not working. I changed compatability, no success.

My computer has notepad, wordpad and Works. My old stuff (XP) was in MSWord.

I downloaded OpenOffice and have been able to OPEN old CDR cover files, but I cannot edit them, and the format is jacked-up.

I am very confused with all this Vista crap. I have downloaded many "freeware" jewel case (back tray) creators, NONE of them allow me to edit spine text.

I'm doing something wrong....don't know what.

2009-01-28, 12:12 AM
My computer has notepad, wordpad and Works. My old stuff (XP) was in MSWord. Why don't you install MS Word on your Vista machine?

2009-01-28, 12:40 AM
Thank you, it's looking like Word is something I'd have to buy....? "Works" came with this computer.

I am overwhelmed by software, and my understanding of all this is....limited!

I'd be great to find a new CD jewelcase template I can use from now on....re-using my old files is secondary at this point.

I have downloaded a dozen g-damn versions of templates, and not a damn one works for me (or I'm a chronic idiot who can't figure out software).

2009-01-28, 10:29 PM
I might have a pdf of it somewhere but not here (Jamaica) with me. Get in touch with me next week and I might be able to set something up for you that you can also edit.