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2009-01-24, 06:00 PM
r9>sound professionals sbs11@<hidden>>sound professionals sp cmc 8 w/low sensitivity modification

i use this set up through the mic in jack. one of the last few shows i did seemed to have some static anomoly (yeah, spelled wrong...) shortly after this show, the mic jack broke. just wondering if that "static," which happened here and there, was due to the mic jack crapping out on the next show, or if it in fact brickwalled.

any advice would help...another show coming up real soon. thanks

2009-01-24, 06:32 PM
The old Edirol R-09 had a very common mic jack problem that typically started out with static turning up on the recordings. I would say it was just the mic jack.

2009-01-24, 07:56 PM
hope the repair fixes it. at least i have a back up r9.

2009-01-24, 08:21 PM
take a look at your audio in a wav editor (eg audacity.sourceforge.net) and you will be able to see if the audio was clipping (goes all the way to the top) when the crunchy sounds happen.

edit: come to think of it, a jack malfunction will also go to the top, but will look more 'unnatural', not in sync with the music.

2009-01-24, 09:19 PM
I very seriously doubt you had brickwalling due to the R-09. If you think it was the jack, it most probably was. I had the same problem, first the line-in and then the mic-in.

Based on everything I've seen, you're likely to overwhelm your mics before the R-09. Not saying it's impossible, but it seems able to handle what's thrown at it.

As an aside, questions like this might be better posted in the Tapers Forum. Getting an answer in this one on taping issues might be hit-and-miss.

2009-01-24, 10:30 PM
Why didn't you go line-in?

2009-01-24, 10:36 PM
Why didn't you go line-in?

Probably not getting enough gain. Mic in gives you about +12db of gain.

2009-01-24, 10:47 PM
I ran with my mic-in for months after the line-in jack broke. Only difference I found was that the mic-in ran 8dB hotter than the line-in.

2009-01-24, 11:30 PM
Probably not getting enough gain. Mic in gives you about +12db of gain.

exactly, though the mic in is closer to +8db. line still comes out good (sword show), its just not always as loud, even after increasing the volume in post production. im still tempted to go line in, even though ive done a few good shows via mic in.

the signal wasnt peaking at all on the dimmu/danzig. and the jack broke at the sword, it was showing the right channel peaking when there was minimal noise.