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2009-01-11, 09:47 PM
Fairly new to the group and like what it has to offer. Got to work on the ratio though..Anyway, here is my dilemma. Working with multiple comp's in the house. My main machine is Linux using kTorrent with limited disk space. That works fine. I download from either here or Dime on that PC and then offload the data to a central Server in the house with lots of mirrored disk space. Then delete the data from my Linux PC. But I want to seed from a different computer. Have access to a Vista machine that can stay up mostly all the time and it's running microTorrent. It can download or seed fine as well. On the Vista PC, is all I have to do is create a New Torrent with the data that originally came from my Linux PC and then start seeding from there? Will the Tracker care if I originally downloaded the Torrent from the TTD (or Dime for that matter) using kTorrent on Linux but I want to seed it using microTorrent using Vista? Sorry if it's confusing..I'm a Sys Admin in real life (Solaris/Linux/Window$) but am fairly new to the Torrent game...........Thx, Nix

2009-01-12, 01:17 AM
The tracker doesn't care about your bittorrent client or your OS. So, just start the torrent file and point it to your existing data and you should be fine.