View Full Version : Still no HD torrents rule in effect?

2009-01-11, 03:45 AM
So is the rule of no HD torrents still in effect? I see this Guns 'n Roses show here: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67345&page=4
And that's only a few weeks old, but the FAQ says they are not allowed.

I don't know how to do it anyway, but I have a NIN show I'm trying to get released for the massive editing projects underway.

Is there another live music torrent community that is supporting HD torrents (I haven't seen any)? In the meantime, what would you experienced persons suggest as a format for distributing this video? M2ts seems to be editable in most high end editing programs, so that seems fine (although I don't seem to have that option to export in EDIUS Pro). I'd like to torrent this now on a non music site in the correct format that Trader's Den is most likely to go with so it will be ready.

2009-01-11, 10:13 AM
HD video is absolutely allowed here.


We have tried to make an effort to have material that doesn't require editing here. The goal was download and burn to blu ray or download and watch from your computer.

Are you directly connected with the NIN project. Please explain your involvement more clearly. An exception may be allowed (for material that is not fully authored) in a case that would support such a project. It would have to be discussed with the rest of the staff.

2009-01-11, 05:19 PM
I taped their show in Portland last month, although I'm not officially connected in any way:

I haven't seen all of their released footage, but I believe mine may be useful for those editing it.

Right now I have about 59GB of raw MXF. container files with separate audio. I'd have to figure out a program to export that to m2ts, as I do not have that in EDIUS Procoder. I just want to make sure I do it right as per Trader's Den policy.

2009-01-13, 01:43 PM
We typically require footage to be seeded in a manner that is already converted which would be contrary to your objectives to add it to the official group by NIN. If yours are formatted like theirs (individual files that are the same length so that syncing is easier) we would probably allow them to be shared here without being rendered and per our standards. This would be to help out the project which has a lot of value IMO and other staff here.

Are you willing to format the same as NIN's files? That would require you to have their files to split yours as the same exact points.

2009-01-15, 08:12 PM
I am missing the first 3 or so minutes of the concert.
Is there a compromise that would be a suitable format for burning to BluRay as your usual policy dictates, as well as function for easy editing?
The stage lighting would make it pretty easy for an editor to sync the sources without them being in sync or using audio, but I'd be willing to do both if it's still possible. Perhaps by using one of their camera's footage to fill in the lost footage and continuing with mine from there? or easier yet, find the timeline for that moment and include that in the notes?

2009-01-15, 09:32 PM

you should go to echoingthesound.org or nin.com and tell people there what you have. both are nin forums and alot of good people there who can help you. i am sure you can find someone to help getting your footage out.

i hope this is not out of line in telling you to go to other websites. sorry if i am wrong in doing that. i am a big nin fan and love to see all video i can.

2009-01-15, 10:14 PM
I'm just trying to do the most practical thing that appeases both worlds. I think most folks are several days away from completing the torrents or are aware of my intentions anyway.