View Full Version : Sound card drivers

2008-12-31, 04:15 PM
Hey gang. I have a Yamaha sound card that I used to use for real-time digital transfers via the SPDIF/optical input from my MD home unit. I had the card in my old PC, a P3 running Win98 (hey, I got it in '99, so don't laugh!). The last year we got a new PC running Vista. I put the sound card in the new machine, and downloaded the drivers for it, but I can't get the optical in to work. Any ideas? I haven't tried the analog input yet. I should probably try that.

What would it take to write my own driver?

2008-12-31, 04:33 PM
if you have to ask about writing your own driver - its never going to happen..so forget that.

any chance you would know the exact model number of your Yamaha sound card?

you may be stuck..or you may want to install the old sound card in an older system running Win2000/XP (a thought)

chances are you may be looking for a new sound card -so get ready for that too.