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2008-12-29, 02:40 PM
I recently downloaded the following torrents:

Jethro Tull London Hippodrome video

Goldfrapp Sydney audio:

Pink Floyd Games For May audio:

Now, I'm showing as a Peer for Goldfrapp and Floyd, but not for Tull. At the same time, my Azareus client shows that Goldfrapp and Floyd are 'Seeding', but Tull is 'Queued'...so why are some torrents in one state, and some in another? Particularly since Goldfrapp and Tull don't actually have any downloaders at the moment...(Apologies if this is a really stupid question, I've had a look at the Technobabble forum, honest!)

2008-12-29, 02:46 PM
It's like you wrote: nobody downloads it hence Azureus shows it as queued. It can be also due your limit of active torrents - how many maximum can be seeded/downloaded at once.

2008-12-29, 02:49 PM
You probably have Azureus set to only seed x amount of torrents at a time. Take a look at Preferences > Queue

2008-12-29, 02:50 PM
yes Azureus can get a little weird with that at times.I have had that seeding queing thing. no big deal.I have also had "magical" torrents (not here BTW) where Azureus says I've dl ed more than the total until I've dl'ed the whole show and then the stats straighten themselves out. I try to ignore that stuff now after bugging the hell out of folks at zappateeers.
just try to keep yer ratio straight.