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2005-05-04, 03:01 PM
A friend and I are trying to FLAC a rip from a Silver CD boot.

He's got the CD in Norway and is on a MAC.

Here's what happenned:

"Two days ago I did a rip using the cdda2wav (with "paranoia support", whatever the hell that means!) capabilities of xACT, a really nifty set of audio tools for the Mac.

The rip gave me a flawless report after it finished (all tracks came out "OK"). But then it wouldn't let me FLAC encode the AIFF files afterwards. It gave me the following errors for each of the tracks:

options: -P 4096 -b 4608 -m -l 12 -e -q 0 -r 0,6 -V
01 Audio Track.aiff: ERROR: SSND chunk size inconsistent with sample frame count

Anybody know what this means

I decided to try making SHNs instead, and it seemed to go ok. But after it finished, it had skipped about half of the tracks! The error messages were:

md5sum: corrupt file
shntool [conv]: warning: error while transferring 47181120-byte data chunk - skipping.: No such file or directory" etc....

I tried to help out. I live in the U.S. and downloaded the raw aiffs from him - they playback fin on my PC but I ALSO got the same FLAC enocde errors he did (ERROR: SSND chunk size inconsistent with sample frame count).

Anyone have any idea what the prob could be? His cd is in mint condition and the rip to hd appears to be going fine.



2005-05-04, 03:20 PM
He should go post about this on the xACT-users yahoogroup which is run by the guy who wrote the xACT application. Tell him to make sure to post which version of xACT he is using and what OS (10.2, 10.3 or 10.4).

2005-05-05, 01:06 PM
In order to compress aiff files on a PC you need shntool with the sox helper program. You can find it using the SHNTOOL link in my signature.

With shntool you can then convert the aiff files to wav format and use FLAC Frontend, or if FLAC's default compression level suits you, you can convert straight from aiff to flac using a command line like this:

shntool conv -o flac *.aiff

2005-05-05, 02:16 PM
Tell him to extract to WAV rather than AIFF and he'll have no problems at all.
Scott (Mr xACT) is aware of the AIFF issues but they're not under his control...

2005-05-05, 08:54 PM
Thanks for the tips! I'll pass them along.