View Full Version : playback problems

2008-12-22, 12:05 AM
I am new to this and have downloaded two shows and they will not playback. I have a Mac and my client is vuze and my player is VLC. Any advice?

2008-12-22, 01:18 AM
What do you mean by "will not play" exactly?

What type of files?

2008-12-22, 01:33 AM
They are Flac files and when I click on the folder itunes activates but does not import the the track

2008-12-22, 02:38 AM
Not sure, but maybe itunes doesn't decode flac. Try decoding to wav with flac frontend or another program. Then import.

2008-12-22, 02:43 AM
Is foobar not supported by the Mac?

2008-12-22, 03:08 AM
Use xAct Audio.


2008-12-22, 04:33 AM
fwiw iTunes does not support FLAC

but VLC does play FLAC on PC, so I'm surprised to hear it isn't working on mac :hmm:

anyhow there's some software recommendations in the FAQ (link up top of the page)

2008-12-22, 11:57 AM
Take a look in the Software Recommendations part of the FAQ under the Mac links. Cog will play your flac files for you. xACT will decode to wav, if you want to burn them to a playable CD. VLC is for playing video.