View Full Version : not enough hard drive space?

2008-12-18, 10:34 PM
Sorry I'm new at this, like you haven't heard that before. I have a show, video, downloaded but when I try to burn it onto a DVD, I've tried Nero and ONES, it says not enough hard drive space. I have over 500 gigs free. The file for the first disc is around 7 gigs and the second disc is over 6 gigs.


2008-12-18, 10:37 PM
check the 'temp file' location for your burn software (then change its location)
sounds like your main drive (probably 'C') is nearing capacity.

2008-12-18, 10:38 PM
Maybe "Ones" is talking about disc space on your DVD? If you want to burn 7 gigs, you'll need a dual-layer DVD.

2008-12-18, 10:47 PM
thanks guys