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2008-12-15, 11:38 AM
I purchased this laptop on Black Friday for a great deal and am looking for an affordable external sound card:


My main transfers will be DAT->7 pin->Digital coax so I need a card that has digital coax inputs if possible.

I would also like to have a firewire input but am not sure if this would be possible. Can the SD card input be used for a firewire input?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

2008-12-16, 03:08 PM
34 views and no responses? I'd really appreciate some help on this...

Thanks in advance

2008-12-16, 05:30 PM
plenty of external USB 2.0 soundcards - just no coax in :google: sorry buddy

2008-12-16, 06:47 PM
Thanks for the response, that's what I was afraid of.

Is there such thing as an coax->USB setup?

2008-12-17, 12:47 AM
edirol ua-1ex has s/pdif in/out & is affordable and performs well fwiw... not sure about a coax usb soundcard, maybe m-audio has something with this?

for firewire that's a whole other thing, I've got an inexpensive 'laptop kit' made in china which includes a firewire>usb adapter so it shouldn't be hard to find something like this.

2008-12-17, 08:07 AM
Ah, now, you should've bought a Mac... ;)

2008-12-17, 11:05 AM
I knew it was a matter of time before I heard this ;-)

Ah, now, you should've bought a Mac... ;)