View Full Version : how to make a fingerpint file

harry klook
2008-12-03, 05:42 PM
hello, since the new flac frontend doesn't seem to work on vista
and the 1.7 version doesn't have a fingerprint function. how do I create a fingerprint file. is there another program to make fingerprints?

2008-12-03, 05:43 PM
Traders Little Helper. There is a thread stickied at the top of this forum for it. It's also linked in our Software FAQ.

2009-07-03, 09:26 AM
I'm having this problem too. I can't find the answer anywhere in the TLH thread or anywhere else. Can someone tell me how to create a fingerprint file with Trader's Little Helper or direct me to exactly where a page with instructions is? I have shows to share...

2009-07-03, 09:35 AM
Take a look at this thread - Checksums Demystified

2009-07-03, 10:21 AM
Got it, thanks! Sometimes when you look really hard something, it's right in front of you. :)