View Full Version : Lossing Connection but NOT really

2008-12-03, 10:28 AM
as of late i am not showing up as a seed yet i am uploading data
for example the DMB 6/21/08 show
i have been seeding for days and i reset the connection around 9:30 and now i see i am not listed as a seed again
so am i actyually uploading the data it says i am?
does it matter if i am not showing up? what about if i am the only seed?

2008-12-03, 10:40 AM
Your ratio indicates that you've been seeding plenty. :)
Kudos to you!

2008-12-03, 10:56 AM
This 2008-06-21 DMB show? http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=66855&highlight=2008-06-21 Very strange that you aren't showing up. I'm not that familiar with Transmission, so I don't know what sort of settings they may have that would cause this to happen.

2008-12-03, 11:09 AM
i don't think the issue is transmission though because i have used transmission for a while and it is only recent that i am having these connections problems
i am seeding these 3 right now
8/31/08 - showing up currently but wasn't at 9:30 when i reset everything
8/21/05 - showing up currently
doesn't make sense to me but i guess i am just worried about when i start a new seed and i am the only one if it will cause an issue because the tracker is not seeing me but i am uploading data

2008-12-03, 11:40 AM
It is very strange that you aren't showing up on the 6/21/08 one. Are you sure it's for this site and not another? Or maybe you have it sitting in the Queue and set to Start after xx happens (can you do rules in Transmission?)?

When you reset everything, did you first Stop all the torrents and then Quit Transmission? It could cause problems if you just Quit Transmission without stopping the torrents because you aren't communicating to the tracker that you are quitting.

2008-12-03, 12:45 PM
well i assume its for here because this is the only place the torrent has been and i got the original torrent file from the thread
when i restarted the torrents i hit pause/stop and then resume/start i never actually closed transmission (this time)
when i restart the torrent i show up and then after some period of time i drop off the list
i will be home in about 20 mins and will restart it again that way maybe you can see something on your end i don't

2008-12-03, 01:16 PM
and there i am again
paused and resumed and bam i show right up as a seed
before i paused i was upping at 87kbs now i'm around 60