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2008-11-29, 07:01 PM
Does anyone know any sites that provide domain names for cheap. Like freewebs will cost you $20 a year.

Are there any really cheap ones that are good and support html, css, javascript, flash?

Or maybe perhaps some free websites with any ads/banners (doesnt matter if i cant have my own domain) as long as they support html etc...


2008-11-30, 03:43 AM
You can try google sites (or whatever is called their service). Last time I checked it was free.

2008-11-30, 08:18 AM
they are all cheap these days.
Verio offers $11/month packages
GoDaddy offers $4.25/month
Geocities has always been free (with adverts)

check your local area too, but with these pricing points, I'd stick with a 'name brand' as there will be more small shops getting out of the business.

Cornelious Jerome Garcia Oppenheimer
2008-11-30, 01:31 PM