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2008-11-28, 02:03 PM
I have been taking a bit of flack lately ... the computer went bellyup and I had to take it to the Computer Clinic where they gave it the kiss of life and brought it back to me ... but without a lot of the stuff that I felt I needed to keep on going ... one of the things I am now missing and can't seem to find is the old FLAC frontend ... tons of the newer ones are all over the place, but the one I loved was a bit older ... I went into the archive and thought I had found what I wanted but the download had ended ... is there any kind soul out there who can help? I would appreciate it if they could post a link to a good, solod FLAC frontend that fits the bill I'm looking for ... here's hoping. Cheers!:hmm:

2008-11-28, 02:05 PM

2008-11-29, 04:38 AM
Thanks ... I will see how I get on. Cheers!