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2008-11-24, 01:41 AM
Hey guy's. I finally got around to tracking and converting my taped concert. I used audacity and traders little helper. I successfully got thru two sets. Now when I go to load up the third set it gets cut off at 44m33 seconds. when there is like 50 min of audio there. winamp is the only program that i have that even plays it past the 44:33 mark ?? why if there is audio there wont audacity load up the rest... ??? Is there any thing I can do ??:hmm:

2008-11-24, 02:32 PM
strange... :hmm:

can you run a TLH len check on the original wav pls? (see checksums demystified if you're not sure how)

2008-11-24, 04:17 PM
OK maybee I should be more clear. The wav file that i originally recorded is over 44:33 long. when I try to load it into audacity it only shows 44:33. every program I load it into says its 44:33 XMplayer, Windows media player.they will also stop playing at 44:33 Winamp says its 44:33 but will play the whole 50+ min. of audio that is actually there. I might just try to re-record a new wave file. I had used nero to record the wav from a minidisk going into line in.:hmm:

Oh yeah I try'd the TLH len check and it comes up with a 44:33 length file also. But I know there is more there???

heres a file analysis: in the len mode...

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
44:33.493 707406386 B cxx -- --i-j wav 1.1075 AvengedSevenfold.wav
44:33.493 707406386 B 1.1075 (1 file)

No errors occured.

Heres a file analysis : in the info mode :

File name: AvengedSevenfold.wav
Handled by: wav format module
Length: 44:33.493
WAVE format: 0x0001 (Microsoft PCM)
Channels: 2
Bits/sample: 24
Samples/sec: 44100
Average bytes/sec: 264600
Rate (calculated): 264600
Block align: 6
Header size: 44 bytes
Data size: 707406378 bytes
Chunk size: 707406378 bytes
Total size (chunk size + 8): 707406386 bytes
Actual file size: 783480644
File is compressed: no
Compression ratio: 1.1075
CD-quality properties:
CD quality: no
Cut on sector boundary: n/a
Sector misalignment: n/a
Long enough to be burned: n/a
WAVE properties:
Non-canonical header: no
Extra RIFF chunks: no
Possible problems:
File contains ID3v2 tag: no
Data chunk block-aligned: yes
Inconsistent header: yes
File probably truncated: no
Junk appended to file: yes (76074258 bytes)
Odd data size has pad byte: n/a

No errors occured.

Not sure what the next step is. im pretty new at this. but the first two sets have turned out awesome so far.....

2008-11-24, 05:05 PM
Sounds like a header issue, but I've never heard of one like that. Seen 'em play at the wrong spped, but never just part of the file. :hmm:

2008-11-26, 05:55 AM
with some wrestling its possible to get winamp to spit out a wav file & splice it to the first 44 mins but in the end it will take a little longer and you have to ask yourself-- are there some subtle errors elsewhere in the corrupt wav file?

ps if you're using the crappy built-in soundcard on your pc you can get slightly better results by turning off your monitor during the recording ;)