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2008-11-09, 04:42 AM
Hi, I'm trying to make a new bootleg list in excel, but I keep having some troubles.

I'm 'transfering' my old list which was made in html into the excel list, but I want to keep the hyperlinks to the info files. Well, this was no problem to copy/past, but after this the trouble began.

I got all the dates listed like this 03/01/94. All the dates on my list are hyperlinks to the info files. Copying these hyperlinks to excel wasn't a problem, but excel only recognize a amount of the dates as actual dates and it changes them to 1994-03-01 (for exemple).

The trouble is that on my list half of the dates are listed as 03/01/94 and the other half as 1994-03-01. I want keep the dates listed as 03/01/94, is there a possibility to turn the change that excel makes off? (2003 XP version)

I hope someone can help me.


2008-11-09, 06:34 AM
Select the cells to change -> Format -> Cells -> [pick date category] -> Change Type.

If you want the day/month order switching just change the location.

2008-11-09, 06:47 AM
change the type to "text" to make it acceptable to any date format

2008-11-09, 06:50 AM
LOL got it! That was easy :P Thanks a lot