View Full Version : Nearly all my foobar playlists just vanished!

2005-04-28, 05:28 AM

There were about 600 and now all but the first 58 aren't there. Pretty sure they're gone forever unless someone knows Intricate Data Recovery For Dummies because my foolish first step when I noticed they weren't there was to close the player, which of course saves the current playlist setup. Manually re-entering these is going to take SO long. argh.

2005-04-28, 07:01 AM
Man that sucks.

***Sets a beacon for Raindawg***

2005-04-28, 07:02 AM
OK so it's my own stupid fault for even having 800 playlists in the first place and not using the album list feature or doing any reading into how to use the program properly. Laugh as you wish. Sadly for the next month I shall have to make use of quick fixes (can't even get the albumlist panel to display at the moment) and then after exams I shall actually be a dillingent user and spend time learning how to work the software properly!

2005-04-28, 01:15 PM
OK I'm gonna put this here and hope before going to the trouble of registering at hydrogrenaudio.

I've done lots of learning today (and hence done none of the work I was supposed to) and I've got the album list up and running, with scripts customised to my own needs, and it's all rather wonderful. However, the system I've become accustomed to involves having cuesheets on my hard drive, referenced to backup FLAC disc images that are on DVDs. Previously all these cuesheets had individual playlists, but I'm now incorporating them into the album list. This works fine, except for the fact that foobar scans the contents of the database every time it starts up, which of course leads to a hell of a lot of "ERROR (foo_input_std) : referenced file doesn't exist" problems. Startup is currently taking 32 seconds and I only have about 5% of my cuesheets imported in so far. Is there any way (please tell me there's a way) of setting it to just remember the album list from the last time it was open, and not re-populate on initalisation every time it loads?? Or some other solution that could sort me out?