View Full Version : Error, MD5 signature mismatch

2008-11-03, 10:00 PM
Sorry if I missed something int he FAQ, but I couldn't find a prior post about this.

Upon decoding a FLAC file in FrontEnd from a pair of recent posts of Garcia/Saunders shows, I'm getting the message I wrote in the title. I asked the person who posted it who says he's had no problem. There were a couple of others who seemed to have the same issue; not sure if/how they resolved it.

Any advice?

2008-11-04, 05:14 AM
are you sure its a md5 of the wavs? most likely the md5 is for the flac files, not the decoded wav files...try running the md5 on the original flacs and see if they check out

2008-11-04, 09:21 AM
A link to the thread also would help so we can see what others are saying.

2008-11-05, 11:51 AM
ffp or st5 checksums are what matters when it comes to audio, they use the uncompressed audio to generate the hash.

2008-11-05, 12:20 PM
Here's the link.


Not that people can't make mistakes, but Jack is a trustworthy uploader. I would follow his suggestion of redownloading the offending files. Perhaps the torrent wasn't entirely complete.