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2005-04-27, 10:19 PM
I was looking for the 4/24, 4/25 Seattle U2 shows and Lynne told me they were alresdy posted on DIME and U2T. I found DIME ok - and it's cool, but I need a little help finding U2T.
thanks, AaronS. :hmm:

2005-04-27, 10:33 PM
I posted back in the thread..... u2torrents.com

2005-04-27, 10:54 PM
Sorry about doubling up on help....it figures that you'd be moderating the tech help also!! :lol:
Anyway thank you very much. It's probably painfully obvious, but I'm new to online trading. I've recieved shows from friends who do this and have always felt a great appreciation towards everyone involved. My first download/upload is going now and I hope to contribute much in the future. :clap: