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2008-10-31, 09:36 AM
I am trying to make a multicam mix, but I cannot open/import a DVD into sony vegas, i doesn't accept VOB files. How can I open my DVDs using sony vegas pro 8?

I think they have to be in mpeg2 format. How can i convert them to a format that wont be lossy and will be able to edit in sony vegas pro. Also once I finish compiling it I will be able to convert back to DVD format without losing quality or bits.

How do I convert it and what software to use with what settings?

Thanks a lot, please be specific as many sofwares can convert DVD to MPEG but they reduce quality or make it grainy/blurry. I want quality to be crystal clear, I know this is possible because people use DVDs and then make multicam mixes from those DVDs

2008-10-31, 09:39 AM
vob is mpeg2. you need to demux the vob to the elementary streams m2v and wav or ac3.

any mix with vob sourced material will have to be rendered and thus degrade the video.

vegas with mpeg2 settings

This task is not simple and will require a lot of reading on your part. In the end it will be lossy, grainy/blurry and not allowed here.

2008-10-31, 10:43 AM
thanks for the reply. But then again Ive seen multicam mixes from as early as 1987.

The thing was that people made these mixes in 2004 using the sources which were converted from VHS to DVD. They didn't actually have the tapes because the tapes were converted to VHS decades ago. Thus many bootlegs from metallica community from 1987-2000 with multicam were done using only DVDs because the tapes no longer existed.

I have both sources (the multicam and the single cam), I can see no difference in quality, no grain/blur etc... so my question is how did those people demux the dvds without getting it to be lossy. Thats what confuses me.

Thanks once again. I will try to work with DVDLabPro and Adobe Premiere because I heard they accept DVD Vob files and may not required to be rendered because I am sure you can understand that a show from 1990 is only on DVD, cause the taper has the tapes and no contact info

2008-10-31, 10:56 AM
demuxing your files is lossless. combining material that was rendered to DVD and then rendered again into a multicam mix is significantly lossy.