View Full Version : Sony Vegas video capture problem

2008-10-29, 05:51 AM
Does anyone know why when I capture 60 minutes of video with Sony Vegas from a mimiDV camcorder (Sony DCR-PC100) I get over 700 clips ranging in length from 1 second to 20 or 30 seconds? I've captured several shows with this camera before and not had this problem. :hmm:

2008-10-29, 06:10 AM
While in the capture screen (vidcap6.exe for SD footage)

Options > Preferences > Capture Tab > Uncheck Enable DV Scene Detection

for HDV

Click on Preferences button > General Tab > Uncheck Enable HDV Scene Detection

It is auto-detecting breaks in the footage and thinking it is separate files. You probably reinstalled and forgot to fix the settings.

2008-10-29, 03:50 PM
Thanks saltman! That looks like it did the trick.
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