View Full Version : how to make a DVD from a WEBCAST ?

2008-10-29, 03:44 AM
First off, excuse me if I'm hitting the wrong forum.

This Saturday November 1st LIVING COLOUR will webcast their show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam starting on 9.00 PM (CET)


I wonder ... Is it possible to capture the webcast in order to make a (crappy looking) DVD out of it?

I'm certainly clueless, but would love if some fellow trader would help me out on getting this done or is willing to do it him/herself.

Thank you very much in advance!

2008-10-29, 04:01 PM
You'll find quite a few webcasts as dvds in circulation (even on DaD), but each time You ask for making one all You get is 'we don't support that kind of conversion'. I know it's sad, sorry.

Capturing (stream to file) is a no problem but You'll get .asf from it (usually). If You'all be satisfied with it, I'll tell You some hints how to do it (I consider myself as advanced user when it comes to internet and such things yet it took me few hours to figure alone).