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2005-04-26, 08:07 PM
Okay, so I have 3 files that were fixes for a couple sets of music. Specifically, one for the Beatles AB Road series from Purple Chick and two for the Complete BBC series, 2004 update. They come up on shntool with the cxx "error", meaning they aren't CD quality. So last time I had this situation it turned out they were 48kHz files. However, this time they don't seem to be 48kHz. AnalFreq accepts the wavs to anazlyze which it wouldn't with 48kHz files, but EAC says no, no, no, they aren't 44.1kHz files. So I looked at the file properties just using windows and they all say they are 44, 16bit files, bitrate =705 and they are 1 ch. mono. Now it only says 44, not 44.1, but that could just be how windows displays it. I am going to install Audition after I defrag my C drive and see if I can figure out how to see what the file specs are with that. Okay, so I defragged and then found out I had already installed Audition. :lol

So the only way I found to tell me the file properties was to go to "convert sample" where it then told me "convert from 44.1Hz 16 bit to..." So it says they are 44.1. Okay now I just found the "additional info to be stored..." button which shows me the file properties.
So what's the deal with these files? Is it showing that cxx error and is EAC not accepting them becuase they are 1 channel mono files? I'm guessing yes. I just checked another file in the BBC set and it's 2 channel. But based on the fact that it compresses from almost 17mb down to 3.5mb in flac I would think it's mono as well, right? So what do I do with the 1 channel files?

Did anyone else get these files and come across this problem? Jamie? You seem to have gotten all the Beatles stuff...

2005-04-26, 08:31 PM
Okay, so I converted sample type to stereo and now EAC will take the file. BUT, I'm not certain that this is okay to do this. I think all it did was put the exact same thing into the other channel. Isn't this bad? I think I remember hearing somewhere a long, long time ago when dealing with a mixing board and an Avid, or was it a Lightworks, that that doesn't work for some reason, that if you have the exact same thing on 2 channels like that there's some sort of cancelation that occurs. As opposed to if you're splitting off one channel into 2 channels. I don't know... that doesn't sound quite right anymore... I just want to do it right. :)

2005-04-26, 08:47 PM

I think what you really need to do here is make sure that the EXACT same signal exists on both channels.

Any differences in frequency or time coincidence will yield either cancellation or comb filtering.

BTW, Which A-B Road date we talkin here ?

2005-04-26, 08:55 PM
Thanks, I'll check that link.

Regarding A/B Road, here's the info from the fix's txt file:

A/B Road - Jan 28th 1969

28-40 Love Me Do - this is an odd one. The version on Yellow Dog's Love Me Do CD is longer than elsewhere, even on the allegedly "complete" rolls. We missed this the first time (I mean really, who would check for such a thing!!)

I wonder if I missed a fix for the fix. I mean why would they send these files out like this? It must've been a mistake.

2005-04-26, 09:10 PM
Okay, I was going to pm Hexer over at Dime, but I see on his list of uploaded torrents that he upped a replacement disc 3 for Jan 28.
There's one seed on it so I'm going to try to grab that and see what happens.

OMG, reading through the comments I see I posted a thank you to someone for keeping a window open, so I must have already downloaded that. Who knows what I've done anymore... I don't. Time to slooooooooooooooooow down.


2005-04-26, 09:34 PM
So apparently that single track fix didn't come directly from Purple Chick. Hexer posted this email response he got regarding the complete Jan. 28 disc 3 fix:

What I heard back from the tree is this..

"The only advantage to having the complete disc 3 for the 28th as provided by me is that I turned it into flac as a complete disc an I can't vouch for how seamlessly the track not flac'd by me will fit into the track sequencing if "patched" into an existing 28-3. It's probably fine but I rather not deal with complaints about track transition pops and glitches. (My choice but not necessarily the only one)."

shntool shows everything fine with this set, so as we can see, there's another advantage to having the complete fix. :rolleyes:

Now what to do about the two fixes for the BBC set? :hmm:

2005-04-26, 09:59 PM
Okay, I guess, if the post someone made on Dime was correct, that the fixes aren't necessary for the BBC set.

One thing I hate is to have to read every thread of every show you download every day of every week of every month just to make sure you keep up with any breaking news.

Hey pmonk! Look at me! I'm talking to myself in here! :lol

2005-04-26, 10:35 PM
Hey pmonk! Look at me! I'm talking to myself in here! :lol

I was about to say :lol

2005-04-26, 11:25 PM
Hey Nina... just sit back and enjoy the music for a while, will ya ? :rolleyes:

There's not enough time to keep up with every thread... just relax and listen for awhile.. everything will be OK :).

2005-04-27, 01:20 AM
But we still have to catch the cow! ;)

2005-04-27, 02:54 AM
One thing I hate is to have to read every thread of every show you download every day of every week of every month just to make sure you keep up with any breaking news.
It's especially like this when you're collecting a/b road!

Only two 3-cd sets to go!

2005-04-27, 10:02 AM
Yeah, I've got Hexer's Dime account info page bookmarked and I keep checking it. If you hear about them showing up please tell me and I'll do the same. :)