View Full Version : dvd region burning question

2008-09-29, 02:19 PM
im downloading a show that is PAL. if i burn it to a regular NTSC sony dvd, will it play in a NTSC player? thanks.

2008-09-29, 02:40 PM
You cannot burn a PAL show as NTSC unless you do something to it to change it. Many DVD players will play both PAL and NTSC. Are you sure yours won't? Take a look on videohelp.com at their list of DVD players. Find your player on the list and it should list what your player is capable of playing.

2008-09-29, 04:26 PM
All DVDs uploaded here and on other such sites are region free. Video format: PAL or NTSC is different thing. If you are in the US there is a big chance that your standalone equipment does not support PAL. Take Lynne advice or move to Europe where we can enjoy all formats ;)