View Full Version : Transmission for DL's & UL's?

2008-09-29, 02:41 PM
Once again, new here, thanks for the understanding ahead of time. I use Transmission as my BT client. It's wonderful. However, I have just downloaded my very first torrent here. I don't see me being connected to any other peers right now and I desperately wish to help seed. Can someone help me to understand if my settings are correct, firewall, etc., all are what they need to be? Thanks so much! Robert.

This is the torrent in question:


2008-09-29, 03:38 PM
Good news - you aren't firewalled! This means you may connect to other peers who are either firewalled or not firewalled.

Bad news - there is only one leecher on the show. This means all 34 of you seeders (the ones with the full show) only have 1 user to share the show with. And, the leechers bittorrent client probably only picks a few of those seeders to choose to download the information from. Bottom line, if you want to upload to people, there need to be people who want the show from you. Keep the show on your harddrive for a couple of weeks, and I woud guess there will be many less seeders and a few late comers who still want the show. Seed at that time and you will have a better chance of uploading to someone.

2008-09-29, 03:50 PM
Thank you so much! I will keep the files open and waiting! Anyone with a Mac, I suggest Transmission. A great BT client! Cheers, Robert.