View Full Version : So I'm trying to use Sonar 7 to track a show I recorded...

2008-09-27, 09:13 PM
We taped Faraquet in DC on 2008-09-18. The recorder split the show into two files: one about 4 gigs in size (it's 24 bit) and the other was about 800 mb. We started with the larger of the two tracks and were able to split it up, but when we got to where we would need to merge the end of the first track and the second track together we have no clue what to do. Does anyone know how to use this program? It's the Producer edition (if that matters.)
We filmed it too, so at some point we'll need to learn how to edit that together, too. But that's a whole other story and in the meantime we just want to release the audio.
If anyone could help me out or direct me to some info, I'd greatly appreciate it.

2008-09-28, 03:00 AM
open the 800MB WAV

ctrl+a, ctrl+c

open the 4GB WAV

put the cursor at the very end


you should be good to go from there

be sure to cut without sector boundary errors

2008-09-28, 11:23 AM
Thanks I'll try that.