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2008-09-23, 01:48 PM
"if there are no errors, it is probably that you reached the max length of the thread title or thread body. So, remove some of the text (you have to have some in the text boxes or you will get a bold red error) and after you are successful uploading the thread, you may add additional information in the second post."

I'm getting this upload error trying to load the torrent file:
Upload of file failed. If this is a torrent upload failure, see list of common causes on the Upload Page"

The folder that I'm uploading is this: NOTE, I am uploading the same show on dimeadozen.org, so I don't want to change the name of this folder.

The last incarnation of the torrent file is this:

The following is the txt file (is this too big?):
In Order of performance
1. Behold the Monolith (Not recorded)
2. National Sunday Law
3. Mouth Of The Architect
4. Behold... the Arctopus
5. Intronaut
Knitting Factory (Front Stage)
Hollywood, CA
Wednesday, August 26, 2008

Captured by: darshun
Location: A 40' away from the center of the stage
Source: Edirol R-09 (16bit/44kHz)> Onboard Mics > Imac G5 > Audacity 1.3.3 (Beta) > xACT 1.62 > FLAC

Please Do Not sell this recording. Share & trade it freely.
If you want lossy format PLEASE refer people to my site @<hidden>:

National Sunday Law
TRT - [34:33]
1. Settin' Up/Soundcheck [3:31]
2. We dragged our tusks for miles and miles before the plains devoured them [11:34]
3. Seconds Left [5:40]
4. To Hell With You [3:27]
5. Strong and mighty like an oak [10:21]

Mouth Of The Architect
TRT - [37:32]
1. Settin' Up/Soundcheck [5:00]
2. A Vivid Chaos [9:56]
3. Hate and Heartache [7:56]
4. At Arms Length [14:42]

Behold... The Arctopus
TRT - [44:30]
1. Setting up/Soundcheck [6:46]
2. Exospacial Psionic Aura [9:56]
3. Canada [5:33]
4. You Are Number Six [10:11]
5. You Will Be Reincarnated As An Imperial Attack Spaceturtle [8:15]
6. Alcoholocaust [3:53]

TRT - [42:55]
1. Song #1 [1:57]*****Cut at the beginning
2. [5:49]
3. [4:51]
4. [3:36]
5. [4:02]
6. [7:11]
7. [7:39]
8. [7:52]

A great night indeed, solid dropped tuned heaven. If I knew about the 1st band, I would've recorded them... Sorry for putting this up so late in the game, hope someone enjoys this...

2008-09-23, 02:58 PM
It looks OK, and I don't think the text file is too long. I did see that the torrent file did get uploaded, so I wonder if maybe you tried it twice and the second time it gave you the error cuz the torrent was already on the tracker. Go ahead and try again.

2008-09-23, 07:44 PM
Thank you so much for your help, I'm not sure what happened when I uploaded the file orginally. But thanks!!!