View Full Version : trouble reseeding jeffbeck 2005.06.26

2008-09-18, 05:43 PM
I was trying to be a good egg and reseed this piece as requested but I am have trouble.
Using Azureus I click on the link the torrent starts dl'ing and I stop it. then I swap out the new files in the dl folder for my old completed files. when I restart the torrent, Azureus does "see" my finished files like usual (and roll me up to 100% done and switch halves of the pane) and note that I am done. It just started downloading the whole thing again. I tried holding back a bit of the files (ya know like leaving the .txt file aside) which is I've done before when I seed show to different site but this suckers isn't going right?
Anyone wanna help? And hey if you got the seed give it up to the remaining guy if you got room to do so.

2008-09-18, 06:33 PM
After you put in the old completed files and before you start the torrent, you should right-click on the name of the torrent and then do "Force Recheck" of the files.

2008-09-18, 08:19 PM
well left clink (that's my 4 year old kid's word) not right clink on my mac n kensinton mouse but hooray and thanks:)

2008-09-18, 09:54 PM
I've got a Logitec mouse for my mac, so it actually is a right, um, clink for me. :) Glad you got it to work.

2008-09-19, 10:32 AM
ahhhh.. it is right click (not even clink). I was using my mouse backwards yesterday because of my sliced fingers which are getting better. Again thanks to the mighty Lynne.
great to know