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2005-04-23, 04:55 PM
I want to be able to seed the file for others...is there something special that I have to do before I can seed :rolleyes: . I have noticed that when my download is complete it says that the file will be seed for, I thought it said 1 hour..when was finished I clicked on the icon and it said "drag into list to seed". What list does it mean... :hmm:

2005-04-23, 05:46 PM
what client are you using?

2005-04-23, 08:17 PM
I'm using windows client.

2005-04-23, 08:30 PM
The official client? I tried it but couldn't get it working right either. Maybe try another client. e.g. I use TorrentStorm (http://www.torrentstorm.com/). You can't get that one anymore, I just noticed. Maybe try ABC or something like that.

edit: I found it here:

2005-04-23, 09:36 PM
I'm using windows client.Which BitTorrent program are you using?

2005-04-23, 10:25 PM
I'm using the official bit site found here: Site (http://www.bittorrent.com/), I'll try that link Five and see what I can do... :crazy:

2005-04-24, 12:31 PM
I haven't used the official client in a long time and I know there's been changes so I can't help you there. A lot of people like Azureus. That's what I use now too. That and some of the others that I've used keep a list of torrents you are downloading and when you finish it starts seeding them. If you stop them, they remain in the list so as long as you haven't moved the show's folder, all you have to do is restart them and you're set. It's nice and easy that way.