View Full Version : Seeding Problem - Torrent not recognizing files

2008-09-16, 10:00 PM
I've been having an infrequent problem recently and was wondering if anyone out there might have any input:

When I go to re-seed a show for someone, sometimes the torrent does not recognize the downloaded files. I am re-downloading the original tracker, and navigating my client to the folder containing the files. However, instead of checking the files and then connecting to re-seed, it is trying to download all of the files again.

I've tried it with two different clients with the same problem. Interestingly, if I delete the entire folder and copy the same files from my external hard drive, the re-seeding process then works. This has happened a couple of times. Makes me think somehow the files are getting corrupted or damaged?

Any ideas?

2008-09-17, 12:08 AM
Next time trying running the checksums on the files and see if they pass. Are you playing the files with an audio player and perhaps tagging them or somehow altering them at all?