View Full Version : Winamp to rip?

2005-04-23, 03:44 AM
I've had this bootleg on my hard drive for a while. I had to fix it cause at the end of each track, there's like a little repeat, about 1/2 second at the very end that repeats itself. I just noticed in the info file that the seeder had used Winamp to rip the files from the CD.

Could this be what caused the ending of the files to briefly repeat?
(I didn't even know you could use Winamp to rip from a CD :D )

2005-04-23, 08:36 AM
Dunno, I doubt that anyone here has experience with Winamp ripping issues.. Because you don't use Winamp to rip. You just don't. :(

2005-04-23, 03:37 PM
ripping with winamp is bad mmmkay :)