View Full Version : Can I get your opinion?

2008-09-06, 05:25 PM
Can get your guys opinion on something? How do these recordings sound?

The original is what it is, unedited, sourced from my JVC Everio Camera. The Next is me normalizing the audio and using equalizer, notch filler and Multiband compressor in Adobe Audition 3. How does it sound and is it bad to use those settings on a recording. This is mostly for my own personal use. I might not ever trade it, since the band is local.


2008-09-13, 12:03 AM
can you test & re-up the original sample? I downloaded it a couple times and its corrupt. the other is okay.

2008-09-13, 01:38 AM
I did not listen to your samples, so this is just some general stuff:
Do you have some sort of education in audio engineering?
Do you exactly know what those tools do to your audio?
Do you know what you have to pay attention to when using them?
If not, chances are high that you will be introducing problems that were not there. Let's say you use a compressor the wrong way the recording may lose its punch. It can look so easy in an audio tool to do all that pro stuff to your recordings, but unfortunately audio programs don't tell you if/when you introduce any new problems, they just do whatever you tell them to do and expect you to know what you are doing! :)
You said you maybe won't trade it, so in the end you can do whatever you want with it as long as you feel that it sounds better on your system. But I guess it would be good to keep the unaltered version. Maybe in some years you would regret it if you only had an altered version.
My personal opinion is that only people with the proper education should do EQ and stuff like that to recordings that get shared.
I am no pro myself and record stuff from tv and radio and the only thing I do is normalize it to 96% in audition and cut out jingles and dj talking, because I can't listen to that stuff. As this should not change the sound, I dare to do it.
And probably the worst thing you can do is do any sort of remastering on computer speakers, because these recordings will not sound good on proper hi-fi systems.