View Full Version : DVD sound problem (please help)

2008-09-04, 06:14 AM
I have problem with one DVD, sound is really, really quiet :( when i changed volume to higher the noise is not nice and i used noise reduction little bit but still the sound is not good...if somebody can help me with this that will be really nice...i think this not big problem and this is easy to fix but not for me...please and thanks :hmm:
Here is sample of this:

2008-09-04, 06:41 AM
lol it's full of shit: noise, clicks, and the band plays probably 30 km far away from the mic :lol4: There is nothing you can do with it

2008-09-04, 06:46 AM
yeah but somebody already fix this audio from this show.

2008-09-04, 07:06 AM
I can't imagine it after checking your sample in Audition. It has to be alternate source.