View Full Version : reseed pb : link to the original thread

kermarrec jean-yves
2008-08-22, 07:06 AM
hi there, i'm trying a reseed but I don't understand how do i provide a link to the original thread. I 've been thru the FAQ but didn't find it, i downloaded a lot and really want to share back, thanks for helping smeone new with this. Also where is that "reseed box" mentioned in the "torrent upload page, is it the same as "torrents needing seeds" ?

2008-08-22, 08:45 AM
on pc use ctrl+f on the upload page to search "reseed" (no quotes). you'll have to hit 'next' a few times to get down there. its towards the bottom, with a checkbox and place to paste the link to the inactive show. can you find the inactive thread of the show you want to reseed on this site? copy that link in there. unless I'm misunderstanding, let me know...