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2008-08-19, 08:59 AM
I have always used PG2 on various computers...that was up until Vista was released. Among many programs that are now 'non-Vista compatible' PG2 was simple, yet effective. Does anyone know of a Vista-friendly alternative to PG2 that is just as simple? Firewalls can be a pain in the a*s at the best of times



2008-08-19, 11:02 AM
This link offers a list of free & fee programs (http://vistabookmarks.blogspot.com/2007/03/windows-vista-compatible-firewalls.html)

2008-08-19, 08:49 PM
Also, from PhoenixLabs who develop PG2:

Note: PeerGuardian 2 does not support Windows Vista at the moment. This is a top priority, and we hope to have a Vista download soon.

2008-08-20, 04:53 AM
Although the Home page says that mooncusser ,if you search the Pheonix labs forum you can actually find PG2 RC1 for Vista.
For some people it works and for others it freezes.
I seem to be ok with it on Vista Ultimate but it has frozen a couple of times in 8 months....(can't remember the where abouts on the forum it is but i do have the app if you want it via rapidshare or something should you not be able to find the thread)


PS...you may have to turn Windows Defender off and use that manually when you want it.

2008-08-20, 07:03 AM
Good to know, K_K. Have one computer with Vista but it's not used for torrents, all the others are XP. Might have to try that out. I've had occasional issues with PG2 even on XP Pro, but nothing that halting their driver and restarting didn't fix.