View Full Version : Audio not synced with video,please help

Derek Braselton
2008-08-14, 06:11 PM
Ive noticed in pretty much all the video torrents ive downloaded, and then burned as a dvd, the audio doesnt match up with the video, however this never happens right away. I'll be watching the dvd, and at first its perfect, then maybe i'll fast forward or just keep watching for a half hour or so, and the syncing just gets worse. I use nero 7 to burn, and bittorrent to download. Ive been burning at max speed, so Im gonna cut it down to 4x to see if that helps. Anyone who could help me with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Derek:)

2008-08-14, 06:36 PM
It could be the original but most likely it's your burning application if you've seen it happen more than once. Nero is only good for burning data or video you caer nothing about. Download ImgBurn for video. It is the best application and it's free.

2008-08-14, 07:27 PM
+1 for imgburn