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2008-08-14, 04:59 AM
Sorry, this is a long one. Please bear with me as I'm new to all this....,

Some background first. In 1996 Michael Brecker and John Scofield brought their bands to London as part of the Oris London Jazz Festival and on November 14th played a double bill at the Royal Festival Hall. The year after, 1997, BBC Radio 4 broadcast on FM a two hour special on the pair, featuring interviews and music from their RFH sets. I captured the whole show using a Yamaha analogue FM tuner, analogue left / right out from the tuner to the analogue left / right in of a Tascam DA-20 DAT recorder at 44.1 KHz

Iíve then taken the analogue output of the DA-20 into the analogue input of a MOTU 828 Mk II Firewire interface (part or my recording studio setup) and then into Cubase SL running on a Mac G5. From Cubase I can export an audio file again at 44.1 KHz so Iíve ended up with a single .aif file of around 800 meg which I can either post as a single track or break up into smaller tracks using cdspin.

So, is the above method of capture to audio file acceptable? If not, any suggestions on how I could improve it? And, of course, can I post the show? Itís good music and interesting interview in good quality and it seems a shame not to share it.

2008-08-14, 05:19 AM
yes, that capture method is fine

however, you can't torrent it here due to the fact Scofield has asked that we not allow any torrents/downloads of his work [regular trading via snail mail is okay]...our list of Band/Artist Restrictions is here:

sorry about that, sounds like an excellent show...you could always seed it via Vines or in our Snail Mail trading forum tho :thumbsup

2008-08-14, 08:30 AM
Thanks, at least I know my method is ok. I'll get it ready for snail and vine,



2008-08-14, 01:06 PM
most (and I mean 99%) ppl cut it into tracks, otherwise you end up with lots of variant sets from everybody cutting it where they see fit. but if you're not confident you can get the cutting right then its still better to leave it alone. check the track transitions carefully the first couple times, some info here:

also you say you're using the analog inputs of your MOTU... cleaner to use the digital (coax or lightpipe). if you get problems with crackles be positive that the sample rates are matched and that there is only one slave and one master in the settings.

in the grand scheme of things using the analog connections is not the end of the world, but it is a hair dirtier. better to convert to digital only once.