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2008-07-13, 08:27 PM
I have a question. I am using Final Cut Express. I figured out how to capture the video from the DV tape to my HD. Now what steps do I need to take to produce the VIDEO_TS files (vob and fob files)?

2008-07-13, 10:10 PM
I am a complete noob to the video thing. I have the DV tapes of the shows and now Im kinda just scratching my head as to what to do with them

2008-07-14, 03:14 AM
1. Edit your video (cut out the bits you don't want) using Final Cut
2. Encode your video within Final Cut to MPG-2 . Use this bitrate calculator to determine the min/avg/max video bitrate. http://dvd-hq.info/bitrate_calculator.php
3. Encode your audio to AC3 or leave as PCM within Final Cut
4. Import your audio and video files into an authoring application like DVD Studio Pro
5. Create a menu and chapter points in your authoring application
6. Once you've finished, your authoring program will create a video_ts folder containing .vob, .ifo and .bup files

2008-07-14, 12:08 PM
Shawn, even if you don't have external audio to synch with, don't waste your time using crappy ac3. You can fit an hour's worth of footage on a single layer with 8200 kbs VBR & LPCM audio.

MAKE sure ALL your settings are correct when capturing, rendering, & authoring (ie, if it was shot in widescreen, 16:9 for the capture & render. If it was shot in full screen, 4:3 for both)

2008-07-15, 12:54 AM
gonna be hard to synch the aud on this new monsoon tape. I got about the last 25 minutes of the 1st set. Then I didnt change tapes at set break. Just stopped the recording. Then I had to put a new tape in a little more than half way through the second set.

hey, Im new at this:lol4:

2008-07-15, 05:54 AM
hey ohkeepa, it ain't that hard once you learn a few tricks...pm me or give a call, we can help ya out with any step of the process...no problem at all :wave:

also, you might find some useful info at Ken Stone's site, don't think he cover FCExpress but it ain't much different than FCP5 or 6 as far as basic functions go...i always recommend new editors check out some of his tutorials :