View Full Version : Using Azereus (now Vuze) on an iMac and FIREWALLED

2008-07-09, 12:31 PM
Hey, long time lurker here....I recently upgraded to an Apple iMac (using OS 10.5.4). I also installed Azereus (now known as Vuze) as my Bittorrent software client. It seems to work okay, but I would like better download speeds. (I am not getting any Smiley faces). It also appears that I am FIREWALLED.

I looked at clearing any NAT problems which I may be experiencing, but to no avail. Any kinda Azereus materials which I have read does not really seem to be directed to Apple users. To complicate matters, I am also not really that big of a techie. Some of the solutions that I read about are open ended and don't give any real direction, especially to a novice like myself.

For example, one of the solutions that I read is this: "Ensure you are using a port number that is not already reserved by a computer process or PC on your network, or that is possibly being blacklisted/throttled by your ISP. (Avoid 6881-6999, any from 49125-65535 is fine)" However, I don;t even know where to even find my port number or how to change it.....

Also, FYI, I am using an Apple Time Capsule which serves as my router (I think....it is connected to my cable modem).

Can anyone offer any kinda advice for a new Apple user like myself?

Thanks much....