View Full Version : Leecher not on Peers List

2008-06-28, 09:32 AM
Over the past two days, I have seeded 2.46 GB on this torrent:


The only leecher displayed in the Peers List is using Mozilla 4.0 -
has been at 99.94% since yesterday

My client shows a different leecher who is using BitComet 1.0.2 -
and does not show up on the Peers List

I haven't seen any other leechers on the Peers List
or in my client

I am using Bittorrent 4.4.1 on OSX 10.3.9 - there is no option
to disable DHT

Is this person bypassing the tracker?
Any idea where I am uploading to?
The torrent size is only 375 MB, so where has the extra 2 GB gone?
Should I stop seeding this torrent?

Thank you!

2008-06-28, 12:57 PM
If this torrent was uploaded to another tracker exactly as it was here, then it's possible the other user is from another tracker and is getting the data from you because the torrent files are exactly the same.

As long as you are getting credit (and if it's showing on the Peers List, then you are), then I wouldn't worry about it.