View Full Version : Making a fixed torrent after SBEs are fixed

2008-06-26, 01:48 AM

I just found out that my recordings have SBEs, so I am fixing them with TLH.
When the files are re-encoded by TLH, I also have to add new tags (I do this with Tagscanner), and recreate the checksum files. So am I right that it would be best to also rename the directory, and maybe call it "(SBEs fixed)" at the end? I did it that way with my "Noel and Gem" torrent.
I don't think that much data of the fixed torrent will be the same as in the original torrent and to avoid confusion I would like to add the "(SBEs fixed)" text in the folder name.
Is this correct, or how should i proceed?
I don't wanna make things worse then they are.


2008-06-26, 01:57 AM
It wouldn't hurt, though many people just rename folders to match their own schema, anyway.

just be sure to note in the lead post for these that they are corrected for previous SBEs, etc.

also, be sure to re0run the FLAC Fingerprints (or ST5s) for each re-post as the audio data will be different after moving samples to fix boundary errors.