View Full Version : cutting 1 long track down to multiple tracks

2008-06-20, 03:55 PM
what do you use for this. Note, I am using a mac

2008-06-20, 04:02 PM
I use SoundForge, and I've used Nero Wave Editor. I'm on a PC, can't say whether you could use either.

2008-06-20, 04:06 PM
I was led to believe that Audacity would do this. I am trying to open the file but it says it cant open the file. It has no problem opening MP3 files, but when I try to open a flac... or even a wav file I get an error and it says it cant open that type of file

2008-06-20, 04:40 PM
'Import' to an Audacity project, rather than 'Open' ....?

I'm not at the machine where I have it installed, so can't look at the menu just now..... later

2008-06-20, 05:05 PM
I tried that. I tried just importing audio and i got an error telling me to try to import in raw mode. So I did that and I got nothing... no error no nothing. Just didn't do anything

2008-06-20, 05:08 PM
Audacity started supporting flac files with the 1.3.x beta builds (if i remember well). So, do you have the beta or the stable release?

2008-06-20, 05:10 PM
I have the last stable build. I'll try the beta now

2008-06-20, 05:21 PM
well that worked like a charm. Now all I need to do is learn how to split the file into multiple tracks. Any help there?

Black Dog
2008-06-20, 05:29 PM
I've found a lot of info here:

2008-06-20, 05:35 PM
yeah i found this

but it confused me. I don't see how thats supposed to explain how to split the track:hmm:

2008-06-21, 02:27 AM
You're on a MAC and i have no idea about MACs, but in Windows I select a part of the concert then I go to Tracks then at Ad Label At Selection (or ctrl+b, but i don't think you have this on your keyboard from what i know about MACs). So you do with all your parts.
After you finished labeling -> File -> Export Multiple -> select your options -> ok

2008-06-21, 07:59 AM
Have you tried Sound Studio? Its shareware.

2008-06-21, 09:08 AM
Try "MAC wav splitter" in google. You'll find all that you need.....

2008-06-21, 11:52 AM
be sure to split on sector boundaries.. else have your FLACer do it when you encode the tracks.

2008-06-21, 11:53 AM
Here's (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showpost.php?p=394641&postcount=4) a pretty old tutorial but I think the basics still obtain.

2008-06-21, 03:41 PM

2008-06-22, 07:45 AM
Here's (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showpost.php?p=394641&postcount=4) a pretty old tutorial but I think the basics still obtain.

thats the method we use, works perfectly :thumbsup