View Full Version : A bootleg is giving me problems

2008-06-19, 09:55 PM

With disc 1, on the menu, the thing to select the songs will come up for a second and then disappear. With disc 2, it freezes before the menu even comes up. Any suggestions? I've gotten about 4 other boots from this site and have had NO problems with those. I burned this one the same way as all the others, with Mac's data disc burning software.

2008-06-20, 05:13 PM
Someone? Anyone?

2008-06-20, 05:36 PM
What method are you using to burn the show with your Mac? Are you using Toast? You cannot burn it simply using Disc Utility, you need to make an image first and then burn that. See this: http://u2lynne.sandsmuseum.com/burning.html#anchor11 Also, you said you can't play it after it's burned - does it play fine using VLC or your DVD Player?

(PS And it's not a bootleg. Bootleg implies that it is something available for a price. Stuff you get here is not available for a price. We do have some 'liberated' bootlegs which are bootlegs a user has purchased and is now sharing it here - liberating it - for everyone to have for free.)

2008-06-20, 05:43 PM
^^ what she said. It sounds like a bad burn

2008-06-20, 06:17 PM
^^ what she said. It sounds like a bad burn

Or it could be that his SA is having problems reading the menus.

That has happened to me before, others who burned the same show didn't have that problem.

Play the discs in all the SA DVD players you have, see if you have the same problem on all of them. If you do, then it most likely is a bad burn.