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2008-06-15, 01:17 PM
I feel i'm playing catch-up here. I only joined TTD about a week and a half ago and i found loads of torrents that i'd *like* to download. Even being restrictive, you can see i've d/led over 15gb - admittedly, a few torrents i ended up stopping after downloading only part as they had only 1 or 2 seeders. Anyway, i was so desperate because alot of what i wanted to d/l were old torrents with few seeders left. There are still a few i'm trying to get before i reach the most recently-uploaded ones (which luckily are only in small number) But i have a question about uploading; not sure whether it goes here or technobabble as i've seen seeding-related questions here too:
Do you get a better overall speed with just a couple torrents uploading than having say 5 torrents uploading? What about having torrents open that currently have no downloaders, does that still affect the speed available to other torrents you're uploading?
I've also made a UK B&P offer but that side of this site seems to be rather quiet unfortunately. Oh, and i made a donation already, in thanks for what i've downloaded

2008-06-15, 02:03 PM
The fewer the torrents, the better the speed.

If you only have 1 running, all of your bandwidth will go to that torrent. But if you have several going, your bandwidth will be divided between them.