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2008-06-11, 10:48 AM
Hi there,

Im trying to fix a few corrupted files from older BackUp-DVDs, transferred the shows to my HDD and did exactly how it was suggested in a thread once:

"Yes, d2 tr 8 may be decoded when option "decode trough error" is checked in Flac Frontend or Trader's Little Helper.
The error in the file is a short gap of silence around 6:26.

d2 tr 8 can be fixed so that it can be decoded normally (and will check with cheksumsfiles) with the par2-file attached - provided offcourse that QuickPar is installed ( http://www.quickpar.org.uk/ ).

Just delete the .FLAC extension (so that the file-name becomes "track08.flac.vol00+1.par2") and place it in folder with a copy of d2 tr 8, then double click the par-2-file, QuickPar will now start and repair the file (depending perhaps on how the programme is set up)."

Except that the track still is a FLAC-file after changing extension in Explorer (Im using Vista) and after repairing, files are still corrupted. What am I doing wrong?

2008-06-11, 01:13 PM
Before you try anything, be sure to have a backup of your file(s)! :)
Normally you have a .par file (without "vol" in the name) and some of the "vol" files like .vol00+01.PAR2, .vol01+02.PAR2, .vol03+04.PAR and so on.
When you have installed Quickpar, you put all those files in the same folder as your flac file (or whatever files you have) and doubleclick the .par (the one without the "vol") file. Quickpar starts and checks your files. If it sees that they are not ok, it offers you to repair them. This is when the "vol" files come into play. If you don't change anything in the Quickpar options you get a new file, this is the fixed one.
It seems you only have a "vol" file, is that correct? I never tried with just one of those, so I don't know if this works.
Also, it says to rename the file. Does this mean that your .par file comes with a .flac extension?
Also do you see the .flac extension in the explorer before renaming? If not maybe the Windows Explorer options are set to hide the file extensions, so when you rename the file, the hidden flac extension just stays.

2008-06-11, 01:23 PM
Alright, I did it, Quickpar says "Repair not needed", but the file is corrupt.

Anyway, thanks for the help!!

2008-06-11, 04:21 PM
If the file was corrupt before quickpar was used to create recovery blocks then it cannot be fixed with quickpar. If you were able to repair it at some point then you must create a new set of .par files or quickpar will "repair" it back to the corrupt state.

2008-06-11, 04:24 PM
Alright. So, no repairing in this case. Other toos to repair corrupted FLACs? Thanks for the help, diggrd!!

2008-06-14, 04:02 PM
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