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2005-04-13, 02:23 PM
I thought I'd maybe do a Beach Boys boot seed.

Beach Boys - Adult Child & Rarities vol.4 (http://bootlegzone.com/album.php?name=da005&section=14)

Only problem is, four of these songs have seen an official release (http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&token=&sql=10:8ckmu32gan6k) (song nos. 82, 88, 106 and 107)

What should I do? Are my seeding plans off, or should I manually remove these four songs from the line-up? I VERY much doubt that anyone will d/l this so that they won't have to buy the Good Vibrations box set. But, alas, logic is seldom part of the legal questions of seeding.

So, U2Lynne, Raindawg and others: Opinions?

It's a very interesting boot release - to put it mildly - and then everybody will be able to see why Skip feels that Hey Little Tomboy is the worst Beach Boys song ever. :D

2005-04-13, 02:40 PM
If those four tracks are the *exact* same ones in the official release, then you really can't put them up. What Five did when he had a show he wanted to seed that had a couple of officially released songs, was to seed the show without the songs, but still include them in the tracklisting and put and asterisk next to them to say where they could get the officially released song. That way, someone can download the show and then re-create the bootleg by adding those songs from the official release.

Did that make sense at all?

2005-04-13, 02:52 PM
Not only sense, but perfect sense, Lynne! :clap:

I was guessing that something similar to your solution was the way to go.

Pretty sure that those are the ALMOST exact same as in the official release. These four are master tapes or mix-downs that didn't end up on any album, before the bootleg and the Beach Boys box set. If there are differences at all, it's just from the different A/D converters used by the bootleggers and the Capitol engineer, because the master is identical.

However, a lot of the other songs have been released as well, but in other versions. But those four mentioned songs are the same on both official and boot releases.

Oh, well. I will remove the four songs and seed with instructions on where they are to be found. In a few days, it'll be up and running!

Thanks again for the help :)