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2005-04-12, 02:09 PM
I'm putting together a DVD which is a compilation of four concerts.

I ripped each of them with DVD shrink but when I import one of the VOB files into DVD-lab there is a problem with the timeline.

This concert originally had 4 chapters. But when this VOB is imported into DVD-lab the timeline returns to zero half way through the concert (precisely at the start of chapter 3 on the original DVD).

I think this may be a result of the cells being present in the ripped VOB?

Anyway, I tried demuxing the VOB (with Rejig) but when I tried to import the M2V the following error message was given:

- Cause: not a 11172-2 or 13818-2 Video stream
- If this is a capture from TV it may have missing/wrong header

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I've also attached a picture of the problem in DVD-lab

Thanks :wave:

2005-04-14, 01:24 AM
probably a stupid question, but why not use DVDDecrypter or SmartRipper to rip the VOB files? using one of those programs may or may not help sort out this problem, but they're freeware so it's worth a shot.

also, even a better idea - why not just jot down the timecodes for the chapters of each video, then rip the M2V (video) and AC3/PCM/MPA (audio) streams as their own demuxed file; then, simply import the audi and video streams and insert the chapter points. i know it might be a little more work, but it should work fine.

other than that, i don't have many clues. to me, it seems sort of iffy to import VOB files directly into an authoring program... mainly because that is a "newer" feature for authoring programs. importing straight-up audio and video streams is a much more "orthadox" method that would seem less problematic.